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Wies’n 2015: Africans, families and friends celebrate Bavarian culture in style

This year’s Oktoberfest might be ending, but the impression it has left with us will stay for a long time. The festival showcased the level of integration many Africans have reached in Bavaria and Germany. They are not only trying to learn the German language but are accepting the culture of the society they live in.

Family Ozomma hails from Nigeria but have embraced Bavarian culture

They danced, drank, sang and celebrated. This year’s event in Munich saw many Africans and their families show their love for the Bavarian culture. The festival ended on Sunday 4th October but it highlighted how Africans living in Germany have integrated well in the country they call home. Integration is about fitting in, accepting and loving the culture, people and place you live and this festival is showcasing the positive news of how people living in Bavaria especially Africans, have integrated nicely. How lovely it was to see so many people from different cultures coming together to celebrate life in the world’s biggest beer festival.

Every year, Oktoberfest is expected to pull six million and more people together but this year was a bit different. The organizers said there was ten percent less visitors attended this year. The head of the organizers Josef Schmid said the weather condition is responsible among other things for this fall. With about 400,000 less visitors, it is the lowest since 2009. But one hardly notices this difference as throngs of people flood in and out of Theriesenwiese the venue of the event and Saturday the 3rd October was phenomenal.

Nelly Ras-Jackson from Kenya and her beautiful family

“I normally would come every year to this event when I can,” says one man from Nigeria living in Berlin. He is not the only African you meet in the tents. Many came visiting with their families and friends from various cities in Germany and even Europe.

“I am from Portugal,” says a lady who originally hails from Congo. She came to Munich just to witness the Oktoberfest with her friend who was from Brazil. We were thrilled to also see so many people from Africa and other continents wearing traditional Bavarian clothes. It was delightful to see how the clothes fit everyone well no matter where they come from. The dirndls on the women, lederhose on the men and women, even the kids were colorfully adorned.

As the festival ends it leaves us with great memories and some of them we would like to share with you. We had an opportunity to meet people from Africa who wore their colourful traditional Bavarian dresses in style and some people also sent us their photos that we are pleased to share with you. We even met people wearing dirndl alàfricain (dirndls made with African prints)!

Aufwiedersehen Oktoberfest 2015, till next year again!

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