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Sonne Women of Excellence: Joy Wanjiru Zenz

As part of our Pledge for Parity in women`s month, we are sharing a short profile of 20 women working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Let`s celebrate them!

13) Joy Wanjiru Zenz:  Enterpreneur, Founder A.W.E.

IMG_3434Career & Life

Promoting entrepreneurship and networking among African women living in Europe and other geographical locations is her passion. Almost a decade ago she founded the organisation African Women in Europe (A.W.E.) and established a website ( where over 1,000 women in Europe network, support and encourage each others projects, events and business endeavors. The website helps women around Europe share ideas through forum discussions, sharing resources and more helping them in the advancement of their careers and enterprises.

Together with her team she has been able to move one step forward from networking online to face to face networking by organising successful events for the past 10 years in major cities in Europe including (Köln, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin, London and Geneva).  In 2012, the A. W. E. organisation started its prestigious African Women in Europe Awards that recognize and applaud women of African Heritage in Europe who impact their communities in Europe and Africa through their  worthwhile personal contributions. Each year the event  brings together inspiring women and is held in a different city in Europe. She hails from Kenya and live in Germany. Recently she has been able to launch ‘Blog Talk Radio’ where women can discuss various issues and empower each other.

Joy Zenz worked in administration offices and organised events in UK. She comes from Kenya and lives in Germany with her two children. She  holds a diploma in Institution Management and currently, she works at Novartis/Elanco Animal Health Company in Basel Switzerland as an administration, communication and event assistant.

She is also currently involved in marketing Africa here in Europe by joining different ventures with African companies.
Zenz believes in African women empowerment here in Europe. Through the AWE platform African women have been able to connect and build a positive image of African Women in Europe. She believes in working together as a team and her Motto is “Together we are STRONG”.

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