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Sonne Women of Excellence: Tutu Tejan-Jalloh

As part of our Pledge for Parity in women`s month, we are sharing a short profile of 20 women working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Let`s celebrate them!

18) Tutu Tejan-Jalloh: Event Manager, Event Planner, Entertainer, Decoration Queen

Tutu BallonsCareer & Life:

Tutu Tejan-Jalloh is a great example of a woman who followed her dream and became successful. Growing up in her home country Sierra Leone her aim was to become an event planner even when such a skill was looked down on then. In United Kingdom she went on to study event planning and management at the prestigious Christ Church University before starting her own business around the year 2000.

She has now become one of the most celebrated event planners in the Sierra Leone and African communities in England, Wales and Scotland. She plans corporate events, VIP parties, organise community events and mentor young girls who drop out of school to make a better life. She has won several awards for her dedication and community engagements in the UK, Sierra Leone and elsewhere. As a role model she has helped women, girls and all to have a rethink about the essence of following your dreams and investing in your skills and crafts.


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