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Sonne Women of Excellence: Dr. Robtel Neajai Pailey

As part of our Pledge for Parity in women`s month, we are sharing a short profile of 20 women working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Let`s celebrate them!


20) Dr. Robtel Neajai Pailey: Academic, Activist and Author

RobtelThe  academic, activist and author from Liberia is one of the reknowned in her field with over a decade of combined professional experiences in Africa, Europe and North America. As a researcher she has worked in several institutions including the Centre for Development Policy and Research, SOAS, University of London and also a graduate teaching assistant on SOAS’ Migration & Development core course. As a Journalist she has contributed to the New York Times, Africa Today and more.  Prior to that, Robtel worked at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, Republic of Liberia, as a communications advisor to the President of Liberia and a migration and bilateral scholarships policymaker.

She holds a BA African Studies and English Literature from Howard University, an MSc in African Studies and a PhD in Development Studies from OAS University of London.


Photocredit: Development Truths Blog


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