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Sonne Women of Excellence: Dr. Harnet Bokrezion

As part of our Pledge for Parity in women`s month, we are sharing a short profile of 20 women working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Let`s celebrate them!

19) Dr. Harnet Bokrezion: Author, Consultant, Coach, CEO

1922045_1374297472845326_794350497_nShe is the founder and CEO of the Africa Business Jumpstart an organisation that provide services for International Companies wanting to go do business in Africa. The Economic and business expert is also the co-author of the book “101 Ways To Make Money” and has written for African business websites including howwemadeitinafrica , Forbes Africa and the Africa Club of Air France/KLM. She moderates at Africa business events such as the Africa Business Conference of Harvard Business School but also runs her own training seminars for the African Diaspora and foreign companies. She has lived and worked in several countries including Great Britain, Eritrea, Sudan, and Germany



Photocredits: Harnet Bokrezion/Facebook


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