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Sexual Health Study with Africans ends in Munich

The Münchner-Aids-Hilfe Organisation and the Robert Koch Institute celebrated the end of a sexual health study of Africans in Munich on Monday 13th July, 2015 at the Environment and Health Ministry. The study was carried out between April and May, 2015 in Munich as part of a national study in Germany to know what people from sub-Saharan Africa know about sexual diseases like HIV/Aids, Hepatitis and more.

During the ceremony, a presentation of the findings was done by Carmen Koschollek from the Robert Koch Institute, with Antje Sanogo head of the phsycho-social department at the Münchner Aids Hilfe and Adama Thorlie from Robert Koch Institute.

The meeting was interactive with participants giving their suggestions on the way forward on how to reach Africans in Munich with prevention messages, possible organisations to collaborate with and other intervention programmes.

To know more about the study please see here. This is the questionnaire in English . More information on the findings grab your copy of  our summer issue.

Antje Sanogo, Psychosocial worker Münchner Aids Hilfe
Carmen Koschollek, Robert Koch Institute
The audience listening to the presentation
Peer Researchers and scientists who worked during the study



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