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Kino Asyl:Refugees showcase their countries through Movies in Munich

The group sits in a circle while each person takes turn to speak and present the movie they like to show.

Eunice produced a movie “Congo my beloved country”

“I would like to make a movie about my country,” says Eunice Tulia Mabuka. The young lady  comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has been living in Munich for less than a year. She is bold, soft spoken and knows exactly what she wants.

“I would like to write a poem and make a movie from it,” she says.

It is a typical meeting day for the Kino Asyl team that has been planning the festival for months. The four-day-festival  starts on the 6th December and will run through till the 9th December. It is the first that gives refugees the opportunity to show case life in their country of origin through movies.  The team of ten curators come from countries like Syria, Senegal, Afghanistan, Congo Palestine/Israel and Sierra Leone.

“Many times we only hear about countries but do not know about daily life in these countries if you have not been there,” says Thomas Kupser initiator and head of the Kino Asyl team.


Media Competence for Yong People
He represents the Munich Media Center (Medien Zentrum München) an organization that provides supplementary education to promote media competence in adolescents. Kino Asyl is one of the projects they implement with a special focus on young refugees.

Sayed Sayedy from Afghanistan chose the movie “At five in the afternoon”

At the Medien Zentrum in Munich, team members gather together to work on their movies. The curators prepare the programme and movies to show with the help of  professionals.  Organising the  festival  gives them a first-hand knowledge on the organization and presentation of such an event – a good experience for the young highly motivated young refugees.
“I thought this is good idea, it will be a way for me to learn about other cultures,” says Abid from Afghanistan speaking about why he joined the team.

Cultural showcase
All of the movies chosen by the young people have cultural significance to the countries they come from giving audiences an opportunity to get an insight into the societies, and the lifestyle of people in the countries represented. Eunice Mabuka would present her poem movie about the challenges her country face giving recommendations on how to overcome them.

“The festival will provide audiences with the unique opportunity of a deeply personal glimpse into cultural landscapes that would otherwise be completely inaccessible,” says their website (
The festival is supported by Munich`s Cultural Ministry and the Munich city library among others. Please find below the programme of events.

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