Are you passionate, want to have fun, give some time and work in a team of like minded volunteers? We are looking for you!

The Sonne Magazine team is a group of volunteers, writers, graphic artists, photographers and marketers who are passionate about promoting a cultural dialogue between Africans, people who relate to Afro culture, friends of Africa in Germany and the world.

Volunteers are not paid in cash at the moment for their work but are given an opportunity to brushen their skills and have fun in doing what they love!

For more information please contact –

We are currently looking for volunteers for a short or long term (to be arranged) in the following areas:

Reporters/Writers/Contributors – If you have experience in reporting, writing articles or if you are a beginner who wants to brush up your skills in writing why not join us? You get to have your articles published in the magazine whilst getting access to one on one mentor-ship from experienced writers.

Graphic Designers – These are core and important part of our team. You will have an opportunity to try your hands on designing some parts of the magazine or work on our website with credits given to you for your work. What a good way to build a portfolio and get better on the job you love.

Photographers – We need photographers who would like to tell stories using their medium-photography. You will not only work with graphic designers but will work in putting your imaginations into an artistic format that will attract our readers.

Marketers – The magazine is growing at the moment and needs more volunteers to help market it. Whether you are in Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin or London, please get in touch with us and we will work out a way you can represent us in your city and help market.

We hope to hear from you soonest!