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“Love Comes to Munich” book is out and launched.

Diana PicLove Comes to Munich is a book set during the world cup in Brazil with two young hearts from different cultures coming together through Love.  “Luisa, a beautiful receptionist works at Hotel Palacio, Copacabana in Brazil. She meets Markus a handsome German tourist. For the love of football, fate has a match for these two passionate souls. Will the love brew in a football season find it’s home in Munich?
A must read, red hot, sizzling, romantic , and spicy love affair.”

The book is written by Sonne`s features editor Diana Mac Omolo who has worked relentlessly to achieve her dream. She is an author, rights activist and social worker from Kenya living in Munich, Germany where she enjoys bringing people together through her work. As a lover of sports especially football she has combined her passion and the most sought after gift that many crave for, love .

“This is a reality, my dream come true,” said Mac Omolo who has nursed the dream of becoming an author since childhood.

The book is dramatic, energetic, incredibly descriptive and a beautiful tale of endless romance that can keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

The Sonne team is proud of her achievement and wish her all the best!

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