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Afrika Festival Schloss Mamling to Showcase Madagascar

Ngoma and Andreas Afrikafest Mamling
Ngoma and Andreas have been organising the festival in Mamling and working for years.

Africa has long facinated many of us. The continent offers a diverse wealth of different peoples, cultures, irrepressible lust for life, intoxicating rhythm, music and dance are traditions still maintained to this day! The fourth Africa Festival is coming up for the fourth time to give an African feeling. The organisaers o fthe three day festival try to present very primitive style of African art and culture. Cultural exchange is the bridge to mutual understanding and to promote tolerance and respect among peoples. This is what the organisers Ngomas Mbodji und Andreas Achleitner believe. They will like to showcase the beautiful intricate cultures of the African continent to visitors.

Ngoma Mboji was born in a Griot family in Senegal where he was trained in the “Blaise Senghor Cultural Centre in Senegal, studied choreography, dramaturgy, percussion and dance. His father is the well-known Griot write Ndongo Mboji. He has been teaching percussion and dance in Europe since 1994.

Andreas Achleitner organizes cultural events, live and work in Mamling, Upper Austria. His interests, openness to new ideas, people, independence and optimism has been an important asset in the collective work to bring to you the African Festival in Mamling.
This is not only a festival but an experience wherein we showcase a country we consider as a host country. This year, Madagascar “the pearl of the Indian Ocean” is presented.

There will be international African artists, over 60 exhibitions and handwork stalls, arts, food and concerts, films and even workshops. Come get a feel and taste of Madagascar!
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