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Sonne Women of Excellence: Gloria D. Gonsalves

As part of our Pledge for Parity in women`s month, we are sharing a short profile of 20 women working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Let`s celebrate them!

9) Gloria D. Gonsalves: Author, Poet, Humanitarian, Initiator

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Career & Life:

Gloria D. Gonsalves (fondly called aunty Glo by the kids) is creative, passionate and a promoter of writing. She has several caps in her career including author, proofreader, manager of official documents, she is in air travel operations, and events coordination. She also supports multilateral diplomacy.

She has written several books for adults and children. I am TAUSI, a memoir, “The Wisdom Huntress”: Anthropology of thoughts and narrations, Poetry includes “MAHABA”, “Prints in my Heart” and her latest “Mists of Sense require Fierce Poesy”. For children among others is “Danloria”: the secret forest of Germania; children`s fable and Swahili Folklore and more.

Her passion for the continent and children led her to start an initiative World Children’s Poetry Day (WoChiPoDa) which aims at nurturing the young and engaging them to pick up interests in poetry and creative writing. In a way to promote Africa positively she became a force for the global campaign “Africa Is Not What You Know,” in a bid to change the stereotypes and distorted media representations of the lovely and vibrant continent.She is also a Sonne Magazine contributor.

Originally from Tanzania she relocated to Europe for further studies, lived in Ireland and now Germany. For more on her work visit

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